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Reality of and response to HIV
Reality of and response to HIV

An old idea is considering HIV as AIDS, but the fact is HIV is merely a virus: complete abbreviation is “human immunodeficiency virus” which causes AIDS. AIDS is a medical terminology uses to explain the condition of a patient. This hilarious disease was first identified and recorded in early 1980’s.

HIV is in the fluid of an infected patient. You can also visit our top article here to read more. As, it is found in fluid so its tendency to get transferred from one body to another body is very quick and easy. …

How to Determine HIV Test?
Determine HIV Test

What are the various types of HIV tests accessible? HIV Antibody test: this is a kind of blood test that helps you figure out if you are experiencing the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. On the off chance that yes, the body will create antibodies to battle the disease. The test identifies these antibodies. They are generally delivered 2 to 8 weeks in the wake of being contaminated with HIV. In the event that the outcomes are sure, a second test will be directed to confirm the result.

On the off chance that the …